SynoAntoNyms™ Word Game

Assorted Components

Assorted Sizes
400 Cards
This fast-paced multi-player card game is focused on matching synonyms and antonyms. Get creative and make your own synonyms or antonyms with the dry erase cards. Game includes 400 cards to play at two different skill levels. Includes four dry erase cards, two black dry erase markers and an instruction sheet.

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Product Number PAC9366
Size Assorted Sizes
Package Quantity 400 Cards
UPC# 021196093669

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How to Play

This game can be played in a group of 2 to 10 players! The objective of the game is to match as many synonyms and antonyms as possible! Make sure you shuffle the card deck well before each time you play.

Use the blue dual-use cards to make both a synonym and antonym with just 2 or more other cards.

Dual-use cards can only be used to make synonym and antonym matches with 2 cards or more. You cannot use more than 1 dual-use card per player in a match.

Use the dry erase cards to create your own word or image! Dry erase cards can be used both as a regular 1 point card or 2 point dual-use card if applicable.

Get Started: Start by dealing 10 cards per player face down, and place the rest of the cards face down in a deck in the center of all players. Start the game and look at your cards. If you have any synonym or antonym matches in front of you, put the cards face up in your match area. Whenever you put matches aside, take cards from the central deck to make sure you always have 10 playing cards available. For level 1, if you are playing with 7 to 10 players, play with 6 to 8 cards each instead of 10. The player sitting to the left of the dealer will take their turn first.

Level 1 Play:
Flip cards face up in front of you. When it is your turn, look at everyone’s cards and see if anyone else has a possible synonym or antonym match that you can make together. If you do not see any matches you can make, pick a card from the deck and your turn is over. If you can make a match, take their card and place it face up in your match area. Keep your match area separate from your original hand of cards. Whoever has most matches after 5 rounds wins! Play as a team to collectively reach 20 points together or finish after 5 rounds.

Use the cards with images as an additional recognition aid for those just starting to learn how to read.

Level 2 Play:
Keep the dealt cards hidden in your hand from other players. When it is your turn, ask all players if they have a match for one of your cards. If so, put the cards aside in your match area face up. Then pick up cards from the central pile to make sure you have 10 cards in your hand. Every time you make a match with another player you get to take another turn!

If another player does not have a match, you can choose to get rid of one of your cards into a discard pile and pick a new card from the deck. Pay attention as you play because you can take from the discard pile if you have a match card, even if it is not your turn! If a player gets a match from the discard pile out of turn, continue playing in the same rotation as before.

If you have a dual-use card that goes with a match another player has already received points for, you can steal their match and receive points as well! Once you are not able to make any more matches, tell the next player you are finished and let them take their turn. Play until there are no more matches and the card deck is done or until a player reaches 15 points. Get 3 bonus points if you are the first player to have no more cards left in your hand after all cards are gone from the deck and discard pile.

Helpful Hints

  • If you do not have a group of friends or family to play with, you can still practice by yourself.
  • Depending on the amount of time you have to play, you can increase or decrease the amount of points you want to reach to the end of the game.
  • For a shorter game play, use just the level 1 card deck.
  • For larger groups or longer game play, use both the level 1 and level 2 cards.
  • As you become more familiar with playing SynoAntoNyms, add your own play patterns or rules for more fun.

Core Standards

Reinforces literacy

Extra practice in these core standards for grades 4 through 5:

Demonstrate understanding of words by relating them to their opposites (antonyms) and to words with similar but not identical meanings (synonyms).

Use the relationship between particular words (e.g., synonyms, antonyms, homographs) to better understand each of the words.

Use the relationship between particular words (e.g., synonyms, antonyms, homographs) to better understand each of the words.

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