Language Learning Blocks

Spanish Language

1-1/2" Blocks
25 Blocks
A great way to learn the basics of a foreign language. Available in English to Spanish and English to French. This is a fun way to learn a variety of basic words. All block panels with a foreign vocabulary word also have an image for additional recognition aid. Learn 75 new words per language set, and create a tactile learning experience. Each set includes 25 blocks that have three English words and three foreign translations plus an instruction sheet.

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Product Number PAC9301
Size 1-1/2" Blocks
Package Quantity 25 Blocks
UPC# 021196093010

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Here are some ideas on how to get started with your Spanish-English Language Learning Blocks™. Have fun learning 75 new words in the classroom or at home! Get creative by adding rules and variations to our suggestions below.

Play Patterns

Basic Play: Use with a parent or teacher when you are starting to learn how to read and play by using the images as an additional recognition aid. Roll, pass, toss or arrange the blocks with a partner and quiz yourself about what is on the other side. This is a great way to study both English and Spanish words and test your memory.

Themes: Sort the blocks into fun groups! Learn words associated with family, food, colors and more.

Favorites: What is your aunt’s favorite color? What is your brother’s favorite sport? What is the baby’s favorite food? Group the blocks together and figure out who likes what!

Opposites: What is the opposite of the sun? Find the opposite of each block! Do you know what the opposite of sister is? See how many opposites you can create!

Weather: What is the weather like today? Is it a rainy day or a snowy night? Try your best to describe what it is like outside!

Feelings: How are you feeling today? Is your cousin angry, or maybe your pet dog is sad? Is your mother in a happy mood? Use the blocks to describe emotions!

Uses: We use a spoon for our soup and a fork for our salad. We bounce a basketball with our hand and kick a soccer ball with our foot. What other uses can you come up with?

As you get better and have learned lots of words in Spanish or English, try increasing the pace of the game by using a timer when you play with a friend.

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